Cross Creek - A Historical Outline

ITS BEGINNINGS February 9, 1984 (Surface Water Management Permit)
Development Order - April 1984

FIRST SALES Fall of 1984

By December of 1985 there were 167 units sold
By December of 1986 there were 478 units sold
By December of 1987 there were 750 units sold
By December of 1988 -- SELL OUT - 905 units

CLUBHOUSE COMPLETED July 1985 GOLF COURSE OPENED November, 1985 (Thanksgiving Day)


COMMUNITY STRUCTURE: A Community Association with a Board of Directors [5] - Master Board, responsible for operating all the Associations facilities and the maintenance of all its real and personal property.

Project Size is 267 acres, 52.6 of these in preserve areas. Within the community are 18 individual condominium associations, located on 16 tracts, each responsible for their own tracts and each with their own governing bodies.

A state of the art Waste Water Treatment Plan (Sewer Facility)) -sold to Utilities, Inc. in December of 2000, is now operated as a Private Utility, under the control of the Public Service Commission (PSC). Land ownership was retained by the Association. This facility provides sewer service for the entire community and serves no other area. All reclaimed water manufactured by this plant is used to irrigate the golf course and provided to us at no cost.

Within the community:

  • The Community Association and 18 other Condominium Associations
  • 185 Buildings including a Clubhouse, Cart Barn, Maintenance Barn, plus various out structures
  • Nine (9) streets--three (3) owned by the Community Association 
  • (Cross Creek Blvd.-White Marsh Rd.-Cold Stream Drive)
  • 16 Lakes (57 acres) Preserves (3) Golf Course (42 acres). Swimming Pool at Club (nine other pools are located on individual condo tracts) Tennis Courts (3 owned by Community Association, plus one other owned by one of the eighteen condominium associations.
  • In addition to Association’s real property considerable personal property is owned and maintained by the Community Association (golf course equipment, furniture & fixtures, kitchen equipment, etc.).

Residents Our most important community asset, is our residents from all walks of life and various parts of the country. Some live here full time, many occupy units on a seasonal or part-time basis, a smaller percentage own and lease out their units. They live in two and three story condominium buildings, attached villas, and single family homes. All are under the umbrella of condominium law, structured for condominium life.

Management: The Community Association-through its Board of Directors is responsible for management & control of all of the Association’s assets, both real & personal property. Ownership is defined as Equity Ownership-divided equally among 905 units. To assist in operating the golf course, clubhouse, restaurant, and to assure all real and personal property is maintained to the high levels established, the Association may contract with a Management entity to perform many of these services. All the local condominium associations have their own Board of Directors and can either be self-managed or use a management firm.

History of Management: February 1984 through June of 1988 --Developer- U. S. Home Corp., with the assistance of the services of an independent contractor - RO-NI Enterprises Inc. [lease arrangement] and a Property Management Firm. From July 1988 to August 1991 -- Self Managed -with assistance from a property management firm (General Development) From September 1991 to August 1993--RO-NI Enterprises, Inc., (lease) as property manager. From September 1993 to Present -- Property Management firm S & S Golf Management, Inc. (Management Services Agreement)

Management Structure 2001-- 2010

Community Association - Board of Directors (5) with Assistant Secretary/Treasurer office Administrator (full-time employee), and one part time-employee. Also assisting and supporting the Board of Directors;
A Budget Committee (3-5), A Management Company ( S & S Golf Management, Inc.), with three on site managers (Clubhouse-Pro-Shop-Golf Course), and a General Manager assigned to Cross Creek by Management (50 % of his/her time) plus Legal Counsel (on retainer +). Accounting and Administration functions are split between the Association and the Management company. In addition, various standing and ad hoc committees, as may be appointed, offer assistance to the Board of Directors and help plan many of the Community Activities.

Management Structure 2010 –

January 1, 2010 the Community Association assumed all of the Accounting and Administration functions for the Golf Course, Pro Shop and Restaurant, with staff managers for the Golf Course, Pro Shop, Restaurant and Kitchen. A full time employee served as Assistant Treasurer and Office Administrator. The previous management company Vision Management was retained for 2010 as a consultant with a monthly retainer, in 2011 this retainer was reduced and in 2012 all ties to Vision Management Company, Inc., ended.

Important Documents

  • Association- Articles of Incorporation, Declaration, By Laws
  • Blueprint for Cross Creek (Long Range Plan)
  • Financial Statements & Exhibits
  • Policy Manual
  • Resident’s Handbook
  • Budget Manual
  • Management Services Agreement --WWTP Contracts
  • Permits (Various-including Surface Water, Golf Course, Tracts)
  • Deeds Legal Descriptions & Easements (Wetherell Document)
  • Board of Directors (minutes & resolutions)
  • F.S. Chapter 718 (and Administrative Code) F. S. 617, F. S. 720
  • Cross Creek Disaster Plan


  • 1994 - Automated tee time system installed fall ;
  • 2000 - Replaced Hardware& Software Chelsea System;
  • 2007 - Chelsea System New Hardware & Software replaced ;
  • 1992 - # 5 and # 13 fairway slopes changed summer ;
  • 1992-1992 - Clubhouse Redecorated;
  • 1994 - Kitchen Major Overhaul ;
  • 1995 - # 9 fairway completely rebuilt in summer;
  • 1996 - New Carpet;
  • 1997 - New Furniture & Fixtures;
  • 1997 - Soft spike policy adopted July;
  • 1997 - Greens totally restored in the summer;
  • 1998 - Smoke Free Facility effective January 1;
  • 1999 - Asphalt cart paths 1" minimum overlay May;
  • 2000 - # 16 fairway renovated in May;
  • 2001 - New Field Irrigation System installed;
  • 2003 - Renovation Clubhouse Summer;
  • 2005 - New Cash Register System December;
  • 2006 - Hurricane Window Coverings;
  • 2007 - Pump Station replaced;
  • 2007 - Renovated Office and Restrooms August;
  • 2007 - New ID system installed September;
  • 2007 - Hog Fence installed;
  • 2007 - New Pump Station;
  • 2008 - Renovation Landscaping;
  • 2008 - Front Entrance renovated;
  • 2009 - 2 Speed bumps installed on Cross Creek Boulevard at Clubhouse entrance;
  • 2010 - Cross Creek signs converted to new colors, Tan background, dark brown letters:
  • 2011 - Tennis Courts Renovated;
  • 2012 - Renovation of the Golf Course Summer;
  • 2012 - New Handicap system;
  • 2012 - Matri'd system in the restuarant upgraded;
  • 2012 - Community begins to plant aquatic plants to protect lake banks;
  • 2013 - Renovation of Club House

Prepared by J. H. Hassler 2/99
Revised 3/2001 J. H. Hassler
Revised 9/2007 John McIlvaine
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