Upcoming Events

Wed, Oct 4th  Salmon Oscar with rice and vegetable -- $11.95

Fri, Oct 6th       BINGO buffet: Lasagna and Chicken Parmesan -- $12.95

Wed, Oct 11th OCTOBERFEST: Sauerbraten, Brats, Sauerkraut, potato pancakes -- $11.95

Fri, Oct 13th     Fish Fry: Beer battered cod and $1.50 beers or wines -- $8.95

Wed, Oct 18th Caribbean Pork and Chicken w/plantains and veg -- $10.95

Fri, Oct 20th     BINGO buffet: Chicken Piccata & Basa Florintine -- $12.95

Fri, Oct 27th     Halloween Part: Beef Stew & Noodles -- $10.95